Use Cases:

How Teranalytics Helped Companies Like Yours
Solve Daunting Business Challenges

Teranalytics builds custom AI-driven models to address a wide spectrum of business challenges. Explore customer use cases spanning Dynamic Forecasting, Process Optimization, Network Optimization, Medical Optimization, and Financial Applications.

Challenge: How to allocate marketing dollars for maximum ROI
Results: AI-based driver analysis with quantified impacts on brand perception
1. AI models ingesting both survey and transactional customer data
2. Quantified impact of drivers lead to tactical recommendations
3. 360-degree customer analysis for personalized marketing campaigns

Company: Consumer Marketing Consulting Firm
Industry: Market Research

Challenge: Forecast production for 6 international markets using 2,000 internal and external parameters
Results: Forecast accuracy exceeds 90% for 1 and 3 year horizons and adapts to market data
1. Identified top business drivers that could be controlled
2. Significantly reduced forecasting resources required
3. Increased investment decision confidence

Company: International Drink & Brewing Company
Industry: Consumer Package Goods

Challenge: Investment in new molecules remains high risk due to unknown probability of success and duration of clinical trials
Results: Rapid, Accurate, data-driven estimates of clinical trials probability of success
1. Scenario analysis reduced from 8 hours to 3 minutes
2. Granular statistics based on user selection anticipates market shifts
3. Extensive sensitivity analyses strengthens due dilligence process

Company: Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Challenge: Changing Customer Shipment Patterns Impacting Network Efficiency
Results: Significant projected reduction in transportation miles following relocation recommendations
1. AI engine regularly assesses entire network for routes adjustments
2. Center of Gravity analysis adapted to new market conditions
3. Predict outcomes via realistic customer constraints, contract terms

Company: Global Logistics Powerhouse
Industry: Logistics