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Teranalytics builds bespoke algorithms to discover actionable insights in your data, for process optimization, dynamic forecasting, profit maximization, and more. Teranalytics applies AI to find the data-driven solutions to your challenging business problems – from cause to the precise path to action.

Not Another AI “Black Box”

Teranalytics delivers interpretable AI solutions, providing not only the answers to your business challenges but also the “why” behind the reasoning – full transparency into how the algorithms generate your recommendations. An added benefit: machine learning that enables human learning.


Major Beverage Bottler Improves Productivity by 8%

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Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Production Line Management
Real-time Market Analysis
Process Risk Mitigation

Dynamic Forecasting

Dynamic Forecasting

Production Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Customer Churn Intervention

Network Optimization

Demand Planning Teranalytics

Demand Planning
Inventory Optimization
Logistics and Warehousing

Medical Optimization

Medical Optimization Teranalytics

New Product Success Probability
Product Trial Optimization
Product Portfolio Optimization

Financial Applications

Financial Application Teranalytics

Real-time Stock Clustering Analysis
Stock Performance Prediction
Investment Strategy Support

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