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How Teranalytics Helped Companies Like Yours
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Teranalytics builds custom AI-driven models to address a wide spectrum of business challenges. Explore customer use cases spanning Dynamic Forecasting, Process Optimization, Network Optimization, Medical Optimization, and Financial Applications.

Challenge: Productivity bottleneck due to complex demand fulfillment process
Results: Optimized cargo loading improved transportation efficiency by 93% with 100% optimality
1. Shipping solution always optimally satisfies customer constraints
2. Risk Mitigation: process internalized to company
3. Reduced weekly cycle time from 8 hrs to 30 minutes

Company: Global B2B Equipment Provider
Industry: Manufacturing

Challenge: Severe customer churn due to commoditization and market disruption
Results: Projected 15% customer churn reduction with targeted marketing campaigns
1. Accurate prediction of customers at risk of churn
2. Identification of key drivers leading to churn by customer clusters
3. Customer-specific risks identified for resolution and marketing action

Company: Global Internet Network and Security
Industry: Internet Security

Challenge: Costly, sub-optimal logistics scheduling due to varying customer behaviors
Results: $1M annual savings while improving customer service and market adaptability
1. Proactively adapt to fluctuating customer demand
2. Optimal use of own drivers; minimal use of costly alternatives
3. Seamlessly balance/reposition transport legs on demand

Company: Global Logistics Powerhouse
Industry: Logistics

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Challenge: Early disease detection could save millions in healthcare costs
Results: AI tool provides reliable predictions of disease onset
1. Data fusion increases model accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity
2. Probability of medical condition adjusted after each medical test
3. Successful proof of concept for major research project

Company: Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company
Industry: Pharmaceuticals