Case Study:

Medical Optimization / National Medical Clinic Organization


AI helps doctors better assist patients with delicate IVF decisions

Teranalytics tool consolidates and analyzes data from multiple clinics to inform how to best counsel patients throughout IVF cycle


Create a tool that analyzes historical data on patient treatments and outcomes to provide evolving predictions of live-birth probabilities

The work includes two huge challenges of varied scope:

1. Extract and align the data from multiple clinics that do not have identical operations.

2. Provide IVF doctors with an evolving and believable data-driven tool which they can use to counsel their patients as they go through the four stages of an IVF journey: (a) initial consultations and gathering of generic parameters, (b) ovarian stimulation with its corresponding set of measurements, (c) oocyte retrieval and quality assessment, (d) embryo transfer.


Large-scale ETL campaign leveraging multiple datasets to enable a predictive tool in alignment with clinical constraints

1. Anonymous data collection from 5 IVF French centers (3 public and 2 private), including In Vitro Fertilization with fresh and subsequent frozen embryo transfers. Data cleaning and standardization to create a unique comprehensive database of historical patient data.

2. Creation of an evolving multivariate predictive tool following the four clinical steps of an IVF process.

3. Examination of the resulting four models with IVF doctors to interpret the findings and frame them within a clinical context.


An AI-driven tool in the hands of clinicians, presented at an international peer-reviewed conference

1. Project outcome: the first AI-driven tool that accompanies the clinicians through all stages of their practice, adapting live birth predictions as data become available in the clinic.

2. Medical outcome: doctors learn which parameters are the most predictive of live birth probability, and how they evolve as more and more data are incorporated.

3. Impact on practice: doctors can provide more personalized treatment and medication recommendations with higher chance of success.

Client Feedback:

“Teranalytics has significantly improved our ability to guide our patients based on predicted outcomes.”

– IVF Physician-