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How Teranalytics Helped Companies Like Yours
Solve Daunting Business Challenges

Teranalytics builds custom AI-driven models to address a wide spectrum of business challenges. Explore customer use cases spanning Dynamic Forecasting, Process Optimization, Network Optimization, Medical Optimization, and Financial Applications.

Challenge: Evolving customer patterns significantly increased distribution costs
Results: 2% Reduction in distribution costs saves millions of dollars annually
1. Dynamic optimization of network for continuous benchmarking
2. Impact quantification of relocation feeds into C-level decisions
3. Sensitivity analyses increase confidence in recommended solutions

Company: Global Logistics Powerhouse
Industry: Logistics

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Challenge: Inaccurate forecasting impacting profitability and inventory planning
Results: Reduced stock inventory by 5% and provided 95% accurate forecasts at 3-year
1. Near-just in time inventory control slashes carrying costs
2. Competitive advantage: more responsive organization
3. Real-time insights for proactive decision-making

Company: Global Automotive Components Supplier
Industry: Manufacturing

Challenge: Identify peer stocks for volatility analysis to drive investment strategy
Results: Real-time equities clustering predicts individual stock performance based on market characteristics
1. Maps correlation-based clustering to PCA-based clustering
2. Metrics-driven cross-validation of cluster predictions
3. Generate real-time recommendations for hundreds of stocks

Company: Large US hedge fund
Industry: Finance