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How Teranalytics Helped Companies Like Yours
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Teranalytics builds custom AI-driven models to address a wide spectrum of business challenges. Explore customer use cases spanning Dynamic Forecasting, Process Optimization, Network Optimization, Medical Optimization, and Financial Applications.

Challenge: Production data latency negatively impacts profitability of fast moving SKU
Results: Productivity improved by 8% generating significant cost savings and internal efficiencies
1. Real-time information enables proactive actions
2. Minimal line downtime and waste via optimized scheduling
3. Engineers redeployed from reporting to line management

Company: Regional Beverage Bottling Company
Industry: Consumer Package Goods

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Challenge: Perform reliable 10 to 20-year horizon industry trend projections and drive strategic long term decisions
Results: Data-driven causal model including industry and society mega trends generates projections of global beverage consumption
1. Clear driver analysis and impact on multiple brands
2. Stress-tested the business model, including extreme disruptions
3. Inform long term company direction and investment strategy

Company: International Drink & Brewing Company
Industry: Consumer Package Goods

Challenge: Clinical counseling through an IVF procedure lacks objective outcome projections, stressing potential parents
Results: Evolving AI tool to estimate probabilities of live birth as function of patients parameters and history
1. Data-driven tool predicts outcomes throughout patients' full IVF cycle
2. Data aggregation with multiple clinics Improves confidence intervals
3. Groundbreaking work shared globally to support further IVF research

Company: National Medical Clinic Organization
Industry: Healthcare

Challenge: Over-estimated first/last mile distribution costs reduce profitability
Results: More than 30% immediate cost savings identified across the entire US
1. Optimal routes suggest new and fairer pricing model
2. Immediate increase in profitability
3. Real-time optimization allows network-wide proactive adjustments

Company: National Distribution Company
Industry: Logistics

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